Dental Websites in Columbia, SC

When you’re planning out a dental marketing strategy, the dental website should appear as the hub of it. The Dental Revenue Performance Program considers the dental website the engine that powers your overall dental marketing efforts. Dental Revenue brings years of dental marketing experience to the table. Here’s why we say Columbia, SC dental websites are integral to your marketing strategy.

Specific Site Code

Dental Revenue starts a dental website by utilizing our unique Dental Codebase technology and combining it with WordPress. Our code uses techniques that are proven to help your website perform at its best, rank on search engines, and convert browsers to patients that are coming into your office. The basis of your site is designed to evolve and change as the years go by, allowing updates to come easily. We organize the site and its pages to be simple and easy to use, while also keeping your site speedy and indexing the way it should be.

Proven Dental Design Styles

First, we want to make sure the design of your site is simple and easy to use across all platforms. No matter if a person is viewing your site on a desktop or a mobile device, it should still look the same and fit the screen accurately. Viewers shouldn’t struggle to navigate a website because it’s on a different platform than their usual.

We also make sure your site is organized in a way that’s speedy and easy to analyze. You don’t want potential patients struggling to find the exact information they’re looking for. We organize the site in a way that’s shown to increase conversions. For example, phone numbers and “schedule appointment” buttons are typically on every page so that they’re there when a potential patient needs them.

Lastly, we recommend using custom photos and videos on your site. Stock imagery is something that people expect to see. They may just block it out and skip over it. But images and videos that are unique to your practice are proven to draw people in. Getting a feel for your personality and the environment of the practice provides an emotional connection that makes potential patients more likely to choose you for their dental care.

Unique, Quality Content

Each one of our sites gets hours of unique content that’s written by our expert copywriters. Bringing over ten years of dental copywriting experience, we make sure you have content that’s unique and engaging, specific for your practice. We know that each practice is different, and it’s important that the content reflects that. We want to showcase what makes you different than anyone else.

Content also provides the basis for organic search rankings. When our copywriters are writing your content, they’re also utilizing techniques that are ideal for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A combination of good content and content that’s rich in phrasing that’s ideal for search engines. We want to make sure your practice is easily visible when people are searching for dental topics in your target market.

Get Your Custom Columbia, South Carolina Dental Website

Without a good website, the rest of your marketing strategy just doesn’t perform as well. Make sure you have a strong foundation for your dental marketing plan. Call us or schedule a demo online to learn more about what Dental Revenue has to offer!