Dental Websites in Charleston, SC

At Dental Revenue, we believe the dental website is the hub of your dental marketing efforts. Good marketing strategies come from having a site that’s appealing and easy to use for potential patients. Learn more about the best components you should have on your Charleston, SC dental website.

An Ideal Design

The basic design of your dental website is more important than you may realize. Consumers now expect web pages to load instantly and they have to be navigable on both traditional computers as well as mobile. While more and more people use their cell phones as their primary way to search for things, you don’t want to leave behind the people that are still using laptops or desktops to find you.

Create An Emotional Connection

When people are coming to your site, you want them to connect with your practice. One of the best ways you can do that is to feature custom photography and videography. Stock imagery is something that every dental practice has on its website. That doesn’t give someone that’s viewing your website any actual insight into your practice, your personality, or the environment that they can expect in your office.

Utilizing dental photography and video that’s personal can help establish this emotional connection. Whether it’s former patients providing video testimonials or pictures of you assisting patients, it allows people to visualize the experience of getting dental care in your office. It makes you much more approachable and patients will be more willing to come to you for their care.

Show Your Work

While Google reviews can help people make their choice to come to your practice, images of your work speak volumes. Creating a smile gallery of before and after pictures allow potential patients to witness all that you can do. If they’re able to see that you’re producing great results in difficult cases, they’re more likely to have faith in you to handle their smile with care.

Video testimonials from patients can also help speak to the quality of your work. They can discuss the issues that they had with their teeth and the way they were feeling about their smile. When you have patients that are willing to go on camera, show off their new smile, and speak about your care, their confidence and faith in you as a dentist shows through to potential new patients.

Stay Up To Date And Connected

Legitimate, current information is necessary on your site. If you don’t have current contact and location information, you’re not getting any new patients through the door, no matter how nice the rest of your site looks. You should also list the services you offer so that people know the exact treatment options they can expect from your office. Information about each service can help people feel more confident in the process of the procedure as well.

People should be able to easily contact you right from your website. Have a form that people can fill out to request an appointment from you. This can go straight to your staff to follow up on, turning it into a patient coming through the door. Having a clickable phone number to immediately call is essential for people that are viewing your site on a mobile device. They can get in touch with your office right away.

Quality Dental Websites in Charleston, South Carolina

At Dental Revenue, we bring our clients years of experience specifically in the dental marketing field. We can help you build a dental website that people will find appealing and generate more revenue for your dental practice. Call us or schedule a demo online today to get started!

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