Dental Marketing in Philadelphia, PA

When you own a practice, dental marketing is an essential part of making sure you’re getting the patients you want through the doors. In this day and age, online marketing is of the utmost importance. Most of the people that are looking for a new dentist are looking online. Dental Revenue brings years of experience to help you succeed with dental marketing in Philadelphia, PA.

A Different Approach

We don’t believe that marketing is a one size fits all deal, even if the majority of our clients are in the dentistry field. Each dental practice is unique, and your marketing strategy should reflect that. Different marketing strategies may work better for different clients. The markets and areas that practices are in make a big difference. Practices also have different goals and specific kinds of clients and cases that they’re looking for.

At Dental Revenue, we think that marketing solutions should be more than just services you can purchase. We take a personalized approach with every one of our clients to make sure that their needs are being met. What works best for your practice might not be the best approach for one in another area.

Similar to a financial advisor, you have a marketing advisor that works with you every step of the way in your marketing journey. We have monthly review calls with you to make sure that things are running smoothly. If we notice that your data shows that certain aspects of your program aren’t working the best, we can help you tweak things to make sure you’re getting the highest return on investment possible.

A Multifaceted Marketing Strategy

There are many different components that make up a successful marketing strategy. We start with an eye-catching dental website to serve as the hub of your marketing strategy. Your website should be appealing to patients, both in the look and the ease of use. It should draw patients in and create an emotional connection while making it easy for them to find the details on the services they’re looking for.

philadelphia, pennsylvania dental marketingThere are many ways to help bring new patients into the practice as well. We discuss your desires for new patients. Are you focused on a higher volume of patients coming in your door or do you only want quality patients that are coming in for certain procedures? The answers to questions like these determine which marketing techniques are ideal for you.

For instance, paid advertising can be ideal for getting your practice in front of patients hunting for a new dentist. SEO for dental services targets certain keywords to show your practice higher when people are searching on Google. This is a good way to target patients looking for specific procedures. Lastly, email marketing can be great for patients already active with your practice. Many of our dentists say that they get a lot of new patients from referrals. Engaging with your current patients helps to bring those referrals through the door.

Dental Marketing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Make sure you don’t get lost in the crowd with other dental practices. Dental Revenue will bring our years of dental marketing experience to make sure you’re successfully marketing your practice. Call us or schedule a demo online to get started!

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