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Proven dental marketing strategies can be essential to your Arlington, TX dental practice’s growth and success. Dental Revenue is an agency that specifically works for the dental industry. We understand the dental practices’ ins and outs, including the unique techniques that work the best to connect your practice with high-quality patients that value excellent dentistry. Below, we explain our Performance Program and how it can help your practice get the most out of your marketing efforts.

dental marketing in arlington, texas

What Is The Performance Program?

The Performance Program is a unique marketing system designed to help dentists achieve the best possible return on their investment. By utilizing 14 years of dental marketing performance data and learning from both successes and challenges, we’ve been able to leverage what we know to help our clients consistently achieve their new patient and revenue goals.

The Stages of Marketing Achievement is our simple blueprint for success. It includes; creating awareness, connecting with patients, and converting opportunities, so the Performance Program is designed to provide software and services to help a dental practice succeed in these areas:

  1. The Core Marketing ensures potential patients are aware of a practice by utilizing outreach strategies that could include search engines (like Google), media, print, social media, and/or email.
  2. The Web Platform helps the practice stand out from others by improving its brand, implementing proven website strategies, and giving patients reasons to choose you.
  3. The Conversion Coach uses conversion mechanisms, like benchmarks, analysis, patient management integration, and partnering to ensure the practice gets the most out of the generated opportunities.

The Performance Program’s foundation is the website because it serves as the hub of the entire marketing strategy. Without an appealing website that’s easy for potential patients to use, none of your other marketing tactics will be as successful as they could be. It is absolutely vital that your practice separate itself from the pack, and a quality dental website is a minimum that every practice should have when considering marketing.

A Dental Marketing Advisor

Just like a financial advisor uses her knowledge to help you get the most out of your financial investments, your marketing advisor works with you to get the most out of your marketing investment. It’s a true partnership between Dental Revenue’s account managers and your practice. You choose to use marketing to help achieve your practice goals, and we want to do our best to give you the results you will need to reach them.

Although our system is proven to generate a 5-10 times annual return on investment, we understand that each practice and its circumstances are slightly different. So our programs adapt to your specific market and situation by giving you an individualized short-term and long-term plan.  We help you navigate the specific challenges and take a phased approach, so neither your financial strain nor time commitment ever becomes too overwhelming.

The Dental Revenue Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard was developed to ensure that you can evaluate your marketing campaign’s progress in real-time. Since it measures all areas of the Stages of Marketing Achievement, you will see how well you can create awareness, connect with patients and convert opportunities. Summary reports are easy to understand, with the option to dive into more detail.

While you have access to all of this information whenever you want it, we schedule regular review calls to understand the data you’re seeing. Our partnership with you doesn’t end once your website is done and your marketing program begins. Regular calls help us to work together towards the best results possible.

Arlington, Texas Dental Marketing Services

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