Dental Marketing: It’s About What You Can Do For Your Patients

When you’re thinking about marketing your dental practice, there’s a lot of focus on who you are. Building a recognizable brand is definitely a portion of your marketing plan. But really, you should be focusing on what you can do for your patients. The bottom line is that you want patients in your dental practice. Showing off what you can do for them is how you get marketing

List All of Your Services

The simple way to start is to ensure your dental website shows your office’s complete offerings. This tells users the exact services they can expect from your establishment. You want this right in the open so that people don’t mistakenly contact you for services you don’t offer. These are false leads and waste time that could be spent on patients that work for your practice.

Showing your services also helps potential patients know that, ideally, they can get all the care they need in one office. It’s complicated and annoying to have to go to multiple different practices for dental or other medical care. Patients are more likely to come to your practice if they know you offer multiple dental services.

Give a Personal Touch

When someone goes to the dentist, they don’t want someone cold and aloof. They’re looking for a practitioner that shows they care about the patients and that they’re not just a number. It can be hard to convey this all through the internet, but it’s possible. Custom dental photography and videography are great ways to let users take a peak at the personality of you and your staff.

Stock imagery is fine, but conversions increase when personalized imagery is used. They’re seeing their peers happily getting care from you. It’s also a way to convey the personality and environment of your staff and office. They can identify with you better and decide if that environment is what they’re looking for in a dental office.

Highlight Your Specialties

There are many different specialties that dentists can explore during traditional schooling or after. Continuing education is the mark of a good dentist. It shows patients that you’re not stagnant in your abilities and you want to keep getting better at dentistry. Patients may also want to see a dentist that specializes in the area of dentistry they need.

Cosmetic, pediatric, and implant dentistry specializations are all popular specialties that people are looking for. If you specialize in one of these areas, don’t hide it on your website or social media pages. Make sure these are highlighted in places that are sure to get viewers, like the front page of your site. You want it to be easy for users to see.

This also works if you want certain cases to come through the door. Feature examples of these cases and your education on them so that people can see you’re an authority on these methods. Smile galleries and video testimonials allow people to see the real-life impact of your dentistry on the community.

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