Conversion Rates Can Drive Dental Marketing Success

Looking at conversion rates is one of the best ways that you can gauge the success of your dental marketing program. Conversions are the people that perform the action you’re targeting, like scheduling an appointment online or calling your office. You compare this number to the number of people total who could’ve made that action. This is the conversion rate!dental marketing conversions

Good Conversion Rates for Dentists

Conversion rate success varies depending on the industry you’re in. An ideal conversion rate for a dental practice isn’t going to be the same as one for a clothing store or other business. It’s important to know what’s a realistic conversion rate for your business and focus on that. You can’t measure your success based on other, unrelated industries.

You can also choose what things count as a conversion for your practice. Commonly, we track a “schedule appointment” form submitted to your website. Phone calls can also be counted as a conversion. Joining an email list for your practice or social media followers and interactions can all be counted as conversions. You just have to choose the methods you want to measure.

How Do I Maximize Conversions?

You want your conversion rate to be as high as possible. So how do you ensure your practice does everything possible to get those conversions?

Make Things Personal

An emotional connection can make a big difference regarding your website. Having custom photography and videography helps you make that emotional link with users. If you use custom imagery instead of stock photos, it helps users get to know you more and see the environment of your office. 

Ensure You Have a Responsive Website

One thing that will absolutely turn people away from your website is if it’s slow and hard to use. Your dental website has to be responsive and mobile-friendly. It should run and react just as easily on a mobile device as it does on a desktop computer. You shouldn’t need to have a separate website that’s just a mobile version.

Create Visual Appeal

Visuals draw in today’s population. When they come to your website, it shouldn’t just be walls of text but video and infographics as well. Video both boosts engagement and gives the user important information. It’s a proven technique that brings interaction to your site and helps boost your conversion rate.

Infographics are a visual medium that can still give users helpful information. They’re an easy way to catch people’s eyes. Quality content is still necessary for your SEO ranking. But break up some of the text with things like this. It’s more user-friendly, and Google finds it favorable to have this kind of content on the site.

Use CTAs (calls to action)

CTAs are how you get people to act on a conversion. If they like your business and what they see on your site, they need to know what they should do next. Using CTAs draws users to click to call or schedule an appointment. Attractive buttons that stand out help show users where to click and make that conversion.

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