Driving Dental Practice Awareness

Dental marketing is essential to drive dental practice awareness. The first stage of dental marketing is creating awareness of your practice and your brand. But where should you start, and what should you use to get the most eyes on your practice? dental marketing

A Dental Website as the Hub

Your dental website is the hub of your dental marketing efforts. It’s a great way to establish a web presence and craft what you want your brand to be. Colors, logos, and fonts can all become things that stick in people’s minds. They associate your brand with the theme they see on your website.

A website also serves as a place to make those conversions from your marketing efforts. That’s where people can get your contact information, your services, and where you’re located. Our dental website design is designed to help drive conversions and subtly direct users to call or request an appointment with an online form.

Your website is ideal for people to get a taste of your personality and office environment. Custom photography and videography make a big impact compared to stock imagery. Potential patients can see how you interact with people and what it’s like to be in your office. It’s a personal touch that helps appeal to the emotions of users.

A Google Business Profile

This is the best way for people to find you with a simple Google search. Googling is one of the most common ways for people to find a new dentist or service. Information like your hours and address are displayed, making it easy for users to see where you are. Appealing pictures in your profile can show off your office and personality to bring people in.

Google is also one of the biggest platforms for reviews. Positive reviews from patients help boost your local SEO ranking and get you seen by more people. Having a large number of positive reviews appeals to potential patients, too. They want a dentist that has good reviews and has been reviewed by many people.

PPC Advertising

While SEO is an ideal way to boost your practice, it is a method that takes longer. Pay-per-click advertising is a way to boost awareness quickly. Google ads appear at the top and bottom of pages when searching for something. This means that people will see your practice more when they search for certain keywords.

Paid ads online have basically taken the place of listings in the yellow pages. We target high-ranking keywords for your area and practice goals. This directs people to your website when they’re searching for a new dentist or specific dental services they’re looking for. Paid ads can be leveraged for general patients or for certain cases you want to see coming into your practice more.

PPC ads are very flexible. You can change up your budget based on how busy you are, and if you’re getting the patients you’re looking for. Different extensions on your ads can direct patients to various areas of your site or prompt them to call you immediately to make an appointment. Your PPC campaign can change based on your growth and current environment.

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