Dental Marketing: Magic or Methodology?

Successful dental marketing can seem like wizardry. It requires a certain combination of services and ideas to come together and create the best marketing plan for your practice. Between data-driven marketing techniques and creative content, your practice can successfully promote your brand and get new patients through your marketing solutions

Building a Creative Campaign

There’s always going to be a creative side to your campaign. While this isn’t magic, it can seem like it by people that aren’t adept at building creative campaigns. It’s all about finding things that resonate with users. You have to know your audience to target the right people with what you’re doing.

If you want to bring in more dental implant patients, you don’t want to focus your campaign on young adults. They’re not likely to have problems with missing teeth. Certain things that might catch the eyes of younger patients might not catch the eyes of older ones. Using things like PPC advertising over ads on Instagram may be more beneficial.

Content is a huge part of dental marketing. At Dental Revenue, we have dedicated copywriters that have trained in writing SEO-friendly content for the internet. They tailor the pages on your website to focus on certain keywords while still being informative and engaging. It’s a delicate balance to find that sweet spot.

Measuring Marketing Data

Successful marketing comes down to a science. You have to monitor the right metrics to know if your campaign is successful or not. If something isn’t quite working, you have to know what to tweak to change it into something that will. When you’re not measuring metrics and looking at the data, you don’t know the reasoning behind the results you’re seeing.

With the Dental Revenue Dashboard, you get all of the important metrics you need in one place. You’re able to see keyword reports, search engine rankings, and visits to your website. There are summary reports to give you an overall look, and you can get into more detailed reports if you want to know specifics.

All of this data can be a bit overwhelming at first. We do regular review calls with you to ensure you understand how to read this data. Whenever you have questions, call us, and we can help explain things you may be unsure of. We want to ensure you’re getting the most from your marketing efforts.

The Dashboard helps you train your staff to maximize conversions as well. Calls are recorded, and you can go over them with staff. We help you successfully train them to handle calls and convert them into new patients. Data allows us to fine-tune your marketing program and phase you into the success you’re looking for.

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