The Role of Marketing in Growing Your Dental Practice

In the old days, you grew your practice by word of mouth and referrals from other patients. Maybe you put an ad in the yellow pages to get more visibility. While word of mouth still helps, not many people look in the yellow pages anymore. When someone is searching for a new product or service, they’re most likely to look towards the Internet to find the best option for marketing solutions

It Makes You More Visible

People are less and less likely to trust a practice that doesn’t have an online presence. This starts with a modern dental website. All your marketing efforts drive the user to that site to schedule an appointment. It has to be eye-catching, appealing, easy to navigate, and something that makes your practice stand out from the crowd.

Marketing also gets you seen more on search engines. They’re where most people will turn to when they need a new dentist. Dental Revenue has dedicated copywriters to write your website with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind. You need your site to come up for people searching for services you provide in the area you’re located.

It Gets You Specific Cases

Marketing not only helps you get more patients but specific patients. If you have certain procedures and cases you want to see more of, marketing efforts can be tweaked to target these cases. Marketing can also focus on just generally getting more new patients in the door. Hygiene patients often turn into longtime clients that are looking for their dental home.

If you have advanced training in certain areas of dentistry, you want your office to be a destination for people looking for those treatments. Marketing helps people realize that you’re the authority in the area where you specialize. The language in your paid advertising can highlight your expertise so people know you’re someone they can trust.

It Solidifies Your Brand

Throughout your website and all of your marketing efforts, you want your practice to be unique and stand out. Using a marketing agency for multiple marketing techniques helps your brand be consistent throughout your marketing channels. You want the same fonts, layouts, and styles so that people immediately equate your practice with these specific things.

Your dental website and marketing tools help you really get your personality across to potential patients. Social media marketing often lets you put a personal touch on your posts. It’s less formal and lets you interact with your patients and the surrounding community. Get to know more about your community and let them do the same with you and your staff.

For your website, custom dental photography and videography both help you personalize things and maximize conversions. It lets patients get a look inside your office and the people you work with. Video patient testimonials also let potential patients hear right from their peers about your service. If they’re happy enough to make a video for you, they’re definitely proud of their dentist and the work they’ve received.

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