What is Mobile-First Dental SEO?

Dental SEO is one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy. However, there are different kinds of SEO. Search engines increasingly focus on the mobile versions of sites when they’re indexing. Most Internet searches are now done on mobile devices instead of standard desktops or laptops. Mobile-first SEO focuses on optimizing your site for mobile devices.

At Dental Revenue, we focus on mobile-first dental SEO for your website and advertising. Mobile devices will continue to be at the forefront of searching and discovering new healthcare professionals and other products and services. If your site and tools aren’t optimized for mobile devices, your practice will get left in the dust.

Keep Your Site Fast

Quick site loading times are essential for mobile. High bounce-back rates mean that no one is staying on your site long enough to decide to schedule an appointment. Users are only going to wait a few seconds to make a decision. If the main elements of your site aren’t loading in that time, you’re not going to keep their attention.

Videos are crucial in determining page speed. Make sure they’re loading quickly on a desktop and a mobile device. Videos are great for bringing people in and drawing attention, but if they’re slow, they do more harm than good. The site should also be indexed and organized well, focusing on page speed.

Sites That Match

The site should look the same on both mobile and desktop. Mobile should just be a scaled-down version of the desktop one. You don’t want important content or imagery to be on one site and not show up on the other. Every bit of content is important. Content is king on search engines, so you want to be sure that every bit of it is getting brought over.

The alt text on all of your imagery should also be the same on both sites. Accessibility is extremely important, and these descriptions are necessary for impaired users. But alt text is also crucial to search engines crawling your site. People need critical information to know if they’re looking at your page.

An accordion-style menu is one of the best ways to ensure your site looks great on both versions. It has to be easy to navigate so that people can find exactly what they’re looking for. Accordion menus are easy to read, and people can find the services and information they need on any device.

Tailor Your PPC

If you’re utilizing PPC advertising, that must work with mobile devices, too. Make sure that the settings allow your ad campaigns to show up in mobile and desktop versions. When it comes down to it, most people are doing their searches on mobile devices or tablets. The PPC ad must be visible on mobile and work like it would on a desktop. 

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