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Especially in this modern age, digital marketing is now a crucial part of having a dental practice. But not all dental marketing firms are created equal. At Dental Revenue, we work with you every step of the way. We aren’t just a list of services you choose and never think about again. We offer a continuing relationship to help you be successful.

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Your Success Is Our Success

At Dental Revenue, we want to be more than just some marketing services you choose. Each of our clients gets a personal dental marketing advisor. This is similar to a financial advisor and is available to you throughout every phase of your marketing journey. We meet with you on a regular basis and are also available if issues arise in between calls.

During our review calls, we’ll help you to understand the data and numbers coming in from the DR Dashboard. If you want to grow in certain areas or there are questions you have, we can offer recommendations on where we think adjusting your plan will help. We talk about your goals with you and strategize for the future.

Helping You Analyze Data

It can be overwhelming to see the reams of data that come in from the DR Dashboard. There are many numbers, graphs, and charts, all representing different results of your marketing efforts. But we don’t leave you to wade through all that information alone.

Though you’re able to look through the data whenever you like, we have regular review calls with you where we help you understand the details. Maybe you don’t realize how many new patients are coming from Internet leads or you don’t know how your keywords are ranking. We can help explain all of this data.

It’s important we give you a frame of reference as well. Every market is different. What works for others may not work well for your practice. Our recommendations for strategies and spending come from research on your specific market and what the competition is like there. We want to make sure you have the ideal strategy to succeed in your market.

Coaching And Conversions

The ultimate goal of marketing efforts is to convert leads into patients. But it can be difficult to recognize the best leads and convert them into patients coming into your office. We can help you to sort through phone calls and internet forms and identify the best potential patients for your practice.

By combining your needs, your current performance, and the leads you’re getting, we continue to help you optimize your marketing program. It’s a process that continues throughout the length of your relationship with us. We want to make sure you’re hitting your goals and getting the quality patients you want to welcome to your practice.

Dental Marketing With Dental Revenue

Don’t accept traditional marketing companies that just want to “set it and forget it”. Develop a partnership with a marketing team that’s invested in your success. Call us or schedule a demo online to get started!

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