Tracking Marketing Results

Your dental marketing program is an important part of growing your dental practice and increasing revenue year after year.

The Performance Dashboard is your daily window into how your online marketing program is performing. The Dashboard is the ultimate dental marketing tool for our clients,

Benchmarketing and Trend Analysis

Lead Tracking & Call Analysis

Is your front desk supporting your practice growth initiatives? Call analysis allows our team to not only monitor how your front desk is handling potential new patients on the phone, but it also allows us to compare your practice’s performance and offer insight and advice on improvement. We can help you to identify both strengths and weaknesses and provide solutions to resolve issues and put your team n the right path to success.

Software Integration and ROI

We can make educated decisions to promote your marketing program based on data and not on emotion.

Performance Meter

Your marketing program is designed to grow over time along with your practice but its effectiveness at each stage is measured by our Performance Meter. Keeping us accountable for

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