Why Your Dental Website Needs a Blog

Your dental website is an important part of your overall marketing strategy. And a blog is a very important part of it. At Dental Revenue, most of our marketing plans include fresh blog posts for your dental website each month. Here’s why:dental websites in baltimore, maryland

It’s Good For Search Engine Optimization

As the rules for dental SEO keep changing, one thing has been clear — the content is key. More specifically, having consistent new content is beneficial. It shows the search engines that your site is being updated regularly with quality content. Plus, the more pages you have, the more chances that one of them is going to rank highly on search engines.

In addition, your blog allows you to target certain keywords that you want to rank better for. If you find that you aren’t ranking as high for something like dental implants, you can focus on that topic for a few blogs. Our writers check your rankings before they choose a topic for your blog that month. And you’re always free to recommend topics you want us to focus on!

It Shows Your Expertise And Improves Credibility

Having informative blog posts helps to boost your credibility and authority with both search engines and patients. Website landing pages can only explain so much about your experience and the services you offer. Small topics can be covered more extensively in blog posts. Patients can learn more about their treatment options and contact for help on a decision on their dental restorations.

Posts Are Great For Social Media

Social media is one of the best things to utilize for your practice. More than ever, people are turning to social media for quality content and information. Sharing your blog posts there can drive more traffic to your website when they go to read them.

Social media is also a very visual medium. If you have good graphics, images, or videos in your blog posts, those can be highlighted in your social media feed. They draw people in and make them more interested in your content and what you have to say.

An active social media feed is important as well. Sharing a new blog post is an easy way to get another social media post done to continue to draw in traffic. They’re not only engaging, but they share important knowledge with the public as well.

Readers Can Turn Into Patients

If people are looking for certain procedures and information, your blog might come up as a reference for them. Many people trust official blogs as a good source of information. A local person might read your blog post and get intrigued by your practice.

Not only do they like the information, but they browse your dental website and like the look of your practice. It’s easy for them to call you or fill out the contact form on your site to schedule an appointment!

Add A Blog To Your Dental Website

Do you think a blog can be beneficial to your practice? Dental Revenue can help with that and further steps in your marketing journey. Call us or schedule a demo online to learn more!

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