Is Your Practice Preparing For a Responsible Reopening?

Looking to the future of your Dental Practice

As dental practices in some states begin to reopen their doors, now is the time to prepare for the new policies that you will need to put in place to be able to see patients again in a safe and responsible manner.

Making sure that you are up to date on all state regulations and dental team/patient health is more important than ever during this time. It is also extremely important to make sure that your patients are aware that you are taking all of the necessary steps to be able to provide a safe environment for them to return to.

Patient Communication

The easiest and most effective way to be sure that both current and potential new patients are aware of your efforts is by putting this information on your website. As dental practices begin to reopen their doors, patients will be looking to your website for this information so that they know it is safe to reach out about an appointment.

We recommend adding a page to your website that will include the full safety protocol your practice will be following when you reopen your doors. We also recommend placing a banner on your home page that will lead patients to this page, so that they will easily be able to view this information.

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