Engaging Patients Through Video Content

It is more important than ever to stay in touch with your patients and keep them engaged during this difficult time. Video can offer a much more engaging way of interacting and communicating with your patients than an informational handout. It can also support the messaging on your dental website.

Using videography can be a more personal means of letting patients know that you are concerned about not only their dental health needs but their overall well being. Overall, Video content is not only a great way to inform patients regarding important office or clinical information, but it is also a great way to make a positive impression, especially during this uncertain time.

Tips for Video Content

  • Equipment: First, you will need a device to film your video. Most cell phones are equipped with a great camera, that can shoot great video footage. A few factors to take into consideration are making sure your device is stabile, image quality, and sound quality.
  • Lighting: The next tip to consider, is lighting. Poor lighting can quickly ruin a good video. Try out different areas within your space, to see which area provides the best lighting.
  • Video Scripting & Content: Finally, be prepared before shooting the video with your message. Prepare notes or even use a script regarding how you will manage the message in your video. Do a trial run and watch before the final shoot for a more relaxed result. Be sure that the video allows your patients to feel they are connected with you on a personal level, with a friendly and professional tone.

Social Media Sharing

The video should be added to your practice Youtube channel and uploaded to the website. Also, be sure to share on other platforms across the web as well. It is important to share on popular and accessible social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This will support ongoing communication with your patients and show that you are still available to meet their needs even though daily routines are temporarily disrupted.

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