Target High Revenue Patients!

increase revenue with dental revenue marketing
Dental Revenue is the leader in connecting dentists with new patients looking online for implants and Invisalign treatments.
In 2018, Dental Revenue has already attended the AADGP group dental conference and Mid-Winter ADA show in Chicago. “It was exciting to talk to so many dentists looking for the next level of marketing. They were very impressed with our 10 X ROI and track record of success” -said Bill Mulcahy, VP of Dental Revenue.
Dental Revenue will expand its results driven marketing solutions this year. We are launching our new Dashboard 5.0, featuring automated lead analysis, conducting weekly performance trend reports, matching web marketing leads to the patient ID in the PM system with performance scorecards, designed to check and balance progress.
“We have been fortunate to work with industry leading dentists over the years. Our Performance Program is tested and proven with top AACD, Dawson Academy and Spear education dentists.” -says Brian Burns, President / Founder of Dental Revenue.
Dental Revenue encourages dentists looking to target higher revenue treatment plans to contact us. There are several dental marketing companies out there, but only one that has a proven 10 X ROI with the nations top dentists.
Our retention and success rates are over 90 percent. For a custom treatment plan call us at 866-799-7789, or schedule a demo online today.