Making PPC Work For Your Dental Practice

One of the key factors in a successful online dental marketing campaign is the effective use of Pay Per Click (PPC) ads through Google AdWords. PPC should enhance your online presence with the right blend of relevant, longtail and location keywords. This will attract the right kind of traffic to your ad and website, increasing your conversion rate and boosting your bottom line.

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We can help. Dental Revenue offers comprehensive dental marketing and works with clients to establish and manage an effective Google AdWords campaign that will complement your dental website marketing and help you grow your dental practice with the kind of patients you would like to attract.

The foundation of a new PPC campaign may be broad based and have the goal of attracting patients within a specific geographic area around your office location. While this type of campaign will always generate traffic, a campaign targeted to patients seeking treatment that produces higher revenue, such as dental implants, can take your marketing efforts and results to another level.

Targeted PPC campaigns allows you to instantly capture the right audience, who are actively looking for your services and delivers measurable results.Kelly McGee, Director of Online Marketing

Boosting Revenue with Targeted PPC

dental revenue google partner Our experienced team can work with you to identify the types of cases you would like to increase and create a PPC campaign directly linked to landing pages on your dental website.

This provides a more controlled user search experience and drives the online consumer (and potential patient) to the exact information they are seeking on the web. Google will place a higher quality score on more specific AdWords campaigns, which in turn lowers your cost per click and boosts your rankings for paid ads.

Using PPC effectively is an important piece of your online dental marketing program and as a certified Google Partner, Dental Revenue has the expertise you need to make the most of your marketing budget. We use a multi faceted approach aimed at maximizing your website conversion rate through PPC and website SEO.

Dental Revenue can help you get to the next level of marketing your dental practice. To learn more about our performance program for dental marketing, contact us at 866-799-7789 or request a demo online.

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