Teaming Up With My Social Practice

Dental Revenue is committed to helping clients achieve their business goals through effective online marketing with a great dental website. As an experienced team, we understand that this goes beyond the aesthetics of your site. Without proper maintenance, routine “check ups” and the implementation of changing technologies and strategies, your website can fall into poor health, much like a patient who avoids the dentist for too long!

Just as their negligence in dental care can also affect their overall health, neglecting your online presence can lead to an unhealthy bottom line for your dental business. At Dental Revenue, we stay on top of the latest trends in online dental marketing so that you don’t have to. We make a commitment to you that we will do our best for you so that you can enjoy doing what you do best.

What’s New for 2017: Practical Solutions for Emerging Trends

The impact of social media continues to evolve as patients and prospective patients increase their engagement on smaller devices such as cell phones and tablets. Being able to be a part of the daily online social interaction of your patients can raise their awareness of not only the importance of their oral health, but what your practice has to offer beyond a dental cleaning and routine care.

For many dentists, the “What” and the “Why” of using social media makes sense, but the “How” can seem daunting and overwhelming.

Daily posts? Catchy slogans and topics?

Finding the time to manage social media is difficult, but underestimating its importance may impact your practice in the long run. Dental Revenue offers solutions for staying relevant as a business in the world of social media and can manage the details for you with My Social Practice.

My Social Practice offers great features for maintaining a social media presence that is engaging for your current and potential patients, including:

  • Daily Facebook post topics/li>
  • Top resources provided
  • Great patient engagement
  • Expand social media audience
  • Dedicated social rep for assistance
  • Smart phone app

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Ready to start 2017 with a new approach to social media and the support of your Dental Revenue team to manage the details for you? Contact one of our sales managers today to learn more about how My Social Practice can elevate your online marketing strategy for 2017.

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