Building Our Business To Better Serve Yours

Dental Revenue, a leading provider of online dental marketing, has partnered with two of the most prestigious professional organizations serving dental professionals today. This is a result of our evolving effort to offer a performance based digital marketing product that suits the needs of a dental practice focused on growing their fee for service patient base.
Your dental website provides the opportunity to reach a wide range of potential patients and should be a reflection of your practice, your experience and the services you offer.

“The working relationships that we have had over the years with both the Dawson Academy and the AACD have been vital in the evolution of Dental Revenue’s Performance Program. We are excited to formalize these partnerships because it gives Dental Revenue the opportunity to continue in it’s goal to leverage the knowledge and credentials these dentists to find patients that value their dental health and overall well-being.”
Bill Mulcahy, Vice President

Corporate Partner, AACD

aacd business partner As a corporate partner of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), Dental Revenue can build upon your established business with targeted messaging and personalized dental marketing. Our team understands the benefits that AACD membership, training and educational assets provide for an improved patient experience- and the best possible results.
Our partnership with AACD means that we can help you to realize the value of your investment in advanced training through increased patient conversions.
Dental Revenue has played an ongoing role in the online marketing efforts of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), beginning with the recent redesign of both their corporate website serving dental professionals and, a website dedicated to consumer education and information on the many aspects of cosmetic dentistry. This fall, we are proud to be a corporate sponsor of the Give Back A Smile Race for Smiles 5k fundraiser.

Preferred Partner, Dawson Academy

dawson academy memberDental Revenue works with dentists who are alumni of the Dawson Academy, including Dr. John Cranham, Dr. Ian Buckle and Dr. Scott Finlay. Our team knows the commitment that the Core Curriculum requires from a practicing dentist. The next step is to attract more patients through the web using the tools we have to optimize your dental website for your unique qualifications.
We can help you educate potential patients and market your advanced skill in treating the complex dental problems associated with occlusal disease. Our goal is to help you reach yours through online marketing that reflects your unique qualifications as a Dawson dentist and helps patients understand the philosophy of complete dentistry.