How Google’s Mobile Update Will Impact Dental Websites

Mobile-friendly websites have always been important. But starting tomorrow, they’re practically essential. In February, Google announced plans to update its mobile algorithm. The update is Google’s response to a steadily increasing amount of mobile device usage. The goal is to make sure that Google’s results are as mobile-friendly as possible.

How Will This Affect Dental Websites

D-day for the mobile algorithm update is April 21, 2015. Dental Revenue, and most dental website providers, have been preparing for this for more than a year. All of our websites have responsive design – meaning they are mobile-friendly and will adapt, fluidly, to various screen sizes including phones and tablets.

Websites that are 12 months or older may not be on our latest platform. Dental Revenue clients whose websites aren’t mobile-friendly have been notified and given several options:

  • Website Redesign: This is a popular option for many clients to update the look of their website at the same time we update the responsive technology. The redesign fits the Google requirements and gives the practice a fresh online presence.
  • Retrofit: This option is ideal for patients who still like the way their website looks and don’t want to make any dramatic changes. Our developers will take the design of the existing website and adapt it to a responsive layout. The website may require some slight changes in design, but overall, it will look very much the same.
  • Mobile Website: The third, and least expensive option, is to create a separate mobile website. This should satisfy Google’s requirement but it will not provide patients with the same user experience or information they will find in the first two options.

How Can I Tell If My Website is Mobile-Friendly

You can use Google’s Mobile Friendly Test to see if your website is up to the par for the algorithm changes.

mobile-friendly dental websites

What Happens If I Do Nothing?

If your website is not mobile-friendly and you choose to do nothing, you can expect to see a decrease in search engine rankings in mobile searches. The update should not affect desktop or tablet searches. Keep in mind though, that it is expected that by the end of 2015 half of all searches will be on mobile devices.

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