Got a Bad Review? Don't Get Emotional

When you discover your dental office received a negative online review, the hardest thing is knowing what to do.
You read the review once, then twice and pretty soon you are so upset that you feel the need to passionately defend yourself. But, this is the worst thing you can do in the online world. Typically, posting an emotionally charged defense only made a bad situation worse.
How to deal with a negative online review
So, what is the right thing to do? There’s no single answer, but here are 5 things you can do that won’t make an unfortunate situation worse.

1. Don’t get emotional

You take pride in the work you do and you try to do the best job possible. When someone writes a negative review about your practice, it hurts.
As hard at it is to take criticism in stride, the best advice is to not get emotional. The worst thing you can do is participate in an online battle of words over this review. These exchanges come off as unprofessional and can make you seem childish and petty. Remember there are other people reading your response to see how you react.

2. Address the Review Directly and Professionally

Although an emotional response is a bad idea, responding directly and professionally can help. A well thought response communicates to other would-be customers that you care about making your customers happy.
The best responses are simple responses. An example would be: “I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with us, but we are committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations. Please feel free to call me directly to discuss and I will do my best to resolve the situation.”

3. If given the opportunity, genuinely try to resolve the situation

Sometimes the reviewer will take you up on your resolution offer and give you a call. If they do, take them seriously. Talk through their issues and see if you can come up with a sensible resolution. If the situation is resolved, the same person that criticized you may end up singing your praise.

4. See Negative Reviews as Opportunity

Just because you don’t like to hear negative feedback doesn’t mean the feedback is wrong. The most savvy business owners use negative reviews as learning opportunities. Take the time to understand the feedback, do a self-assessment, and then make any necessary changes to improve your business.

5. Get Some Positive Reviews

There’s no way to quantify it’s true effect, but it is often said that one really poor review will cancel out 5 positive reviews. But what’s even worse is one negative review with zero positive reviews.
If you have multiple people signing your praise, potential customers are more likely to look at a negative review as an isolated incident. So, make sure your business has a strategy to encourage positive online reviews.

How Dentists Can Generate Online Reviews

Research shows that nearly one-quarter of Internet users leave online reviews about products and services they use. If you’ve given someone a good experience, chances are they’ll want to share it with others.

1. Create Social Media Profiles

The first step is to create and maintain places where people can get to easily and leave a review. The most common review sites are Yelp, Google+ and Facebook.

2. Ask For Reviews

Next, ask. Get your staff in the habit of asking patients who’ve had a good experience to leave a review for the practice online. Signage at the desk can help start the conversation. Set a good example for your team by asking for reviews yourself – if the staff sees you making an effort, they’ll be more likely to do follow.

3. Respond to Reviewers

Respond to positive and negative reviews. When you get a review whether it’s good or bad, post a response. A thank you is sufficient for a positive review. Remember to be direct and ask for feedback from patient’s who’ve left a less than glowing review.

4. Make it Fun

Offer incentives. Many practices will enter patients who’ve reviewed the practice online in a loyalty club with special prize drawings. This is just one more way to get your staff and patients excited about leaving reviews.

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