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As a dental practice, you want to get patients in the door for the cases you want to treat. TMJ disorder cases have been rising, especially after the stress of the global pandemic. At Dental Revenue, we’re TMJ marketing specialists that want to help you get the right kind of patients in your door for treatment.tmj marketing specialists

Keep Patients Informed

Your dental website is a hub for all of your marketing efforts. If you want to target patients that think they have TMJ, your site should have quality information about the specifics. Content is king when it comes to your website and search engines. Your site will rank better if you have unique, informative content about this service.

At Dental Revenue, our copywriters spend hours writing unique content that’s specifically for your practice. We never copy and paste, so you can be sure you’re not getting boilerplate content for multiple websites. We’re in contact with you through the website building process if you have anything you want to include.

If TMJ is something you specialize in, a full section can be built out that’s dedicated to TMJ. We can develop pages for treatment options, signs and symptoms, and how you diagnose TMJ disorders. This way, your patients know that you’re a go-to practice if they exhibit issues with their jaw joints.

Show Off Your Capabilities and Value

Many people brush off problems like jaw pain or headaches. They think that it’s no big deal and that it’ll get better. But it’s important to convey that earlier treatment means that it’ll be less invasive and often more comfortable, too. Any pain or discomfort in the jaw area means that something is wrong.

You want to show them your diagnostic capabilities, too. Do you have special technology to measure bite impressions and jaw tracking? Make sure this is prominent on your website. Convey that you’ve previously dealt with and diagnosed many patients with TMJ issues and that you’re an expert in the field. That’s the dentist that people are going to be looking for.

Stress the quality of treatment options as well. Anyone can go to the drugstore and buy an over-the-counter nightguard. But these are mainly just to protect teeth from damage, not actually manage their condition. These aren’t the best way to treat TMJ in the long run.

Show off the quality of your oral appliances and how they work. Patients must understand that they fully shift their jaw so they can sleep comfortably and avoid further irritating the joint. Not all “mouthguards” or oral appliances are equal. There are reasons why they have to come to the dentist to get something of this quality.

Partner With a Quality Dental Marketing Agency

At Dental Revenue, we create customized marketing plans for each one of our clients. No two practices are the same, so why would all marketing plans be? When you partner with us, we offer personalized services, and you always have a dedicated advisor to help you through every step of the way. Call us or schedule a demo online to get started!

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