Pearl Street: Onboarding Client Form

Current Practice Name

Will the practice name stay the same?

Current URL

Will the domain stay the same? (If they have poor rankings it won’t matter, if they have good rankings this may affect performance if they switch URL and brand name.)

What is their goal with the marketing? Do they wish to retire in 2 years, expand, become fee for service, etc?

Are they in contract now with a website and / or marketing company?

If so, what are terms of existing contracts and remaining balance?

What is the practice doing currently marketing wise

How much PPC do they spend monthly? How much in Social ads etc.- monthly what are they doing marketing wise?

Are they fee for service, insurance based or combination?

What is their patient management software?

What is their patient focus- general dentistry, TMJ, implants, veneers, etc.?

What is their overall brand aesthetic- family friendly, dental spa, technical, modern, etc.?

What are their top 10 current patient zip codes?

What are the hyper local neighborhood(s) in their market do they wish to target? If I was living in their marketing, how would I search for them? What search terms would I use?