Dental Revenue’s Performance Programs have an average return on investment (ROI) of 5-10 times the annual marketing budget and a 94% success rate*. Many of our Performance Program clients achieve 10 X ROI and higher with consistent annual marketing spend and commitment to our program.

For over 10 years Dental Revenue has focused on delivering high quality new patients as well as cosmetic and restorative larger case patients to our dentists.

See a list of performance case studies here.

* Program requirements include:

  • Accept presented treatment plan for 12 months based on program goal (10 X ROI or 10 New Patients a month)
  • Attend Conversion Coach review calls on a regular basis (every 6-7 weeks)
  • ROI Matching of new patients to tracked new patient calls and request an appointment forms
  • Fix practice weaknesses (If applicable) in a timely manner. For example, a high number of missed calls requires an answering service. Poor phone skills requires phone training, etc.
  • Offline marketing. Our most successful clients have a local presence. This may include signage, local print ads and/or targeted postcards

Clients who meet these requirements but do not achieve Dental Revenue’s Performance goals will be entered into our Code Red escalation process. This process includes the President of Dental Revenue and our Marketing Director working closely with the account to improve performance. This may include additional services and consulting at Dental Revenue’s expense until the clients achieve a base 5 X ROI.

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