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When you’re putting together a marketing strategy for your dental practice, your first step should be making sure you have a quality dental website. At Dental Revenue, we believe that your dental website is the hub for your entire marketing strategy. Everything starts with a solid website. Below, we explain why having a solid Raleigh, NC dental website is essential.

It Has All The Important Info

Your website is where potential patients are looking to find all the crucial info about your practice. Making sure your site has an updated address, hours, and contact info is essential if you want to get patients through the door. You also want to display a list of the services you offer. People don’t want to try to schedule an appointment and find that you don’t offer the procedure they were looking for.

A dental website contains some other information that you might not realize is important as well. A bio of you and your dental team can go a long way for potential patients. Not only can you highlight your expertise, but adding some personal tidbits can help create an emotional connection as well.

Furthering The Emotional Connection

An emotional connection with you and your practice is what can draw patients in. In addition to a bio, custom dental photography and videography can make a big difference. It’s normal for dental websites to use stock imagery. But patients don’t want to continue to see the same images for every practice they look at.

Custom photos and videos can help to showcase the personality of you and your staff, as well as the environment of the office. Patients struggling with dental anxiety are looking for a place where they can feel safe and taken care of. This is one of the best ways to show that you’re someone that can be trusted for quality care.

Video testimonials from past patients can also be beneficial. While written testimonials are always good, video can take it a step further. Potential patients will be able to hear the emotions of the patients and hear the story in their own words. Before and after pictures being featured can also go a long way. If patients can see you transform a smile that had significant issues, they know you’re someone that’s going to do the job right.

Being The Base Of Your Strategy

Your organic search rankings start based on the content that’s on your website. Our experienced copywriters spend hours writing content about your practice and services. We know that every practice is different, so it’s important that the content is both unique and designed to rank well on search engines.

Blog posts and additional pages and other content can be added over time to ensure that your site is staying up to date and consistently providing quality content. It’s important to constantly be building out your site and providing new content to make sure you’re ranking competitively and having the reach you want on search engines.

Get A Unique Raleigh, North Carolina Dental Website

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