Dental Websites in Pittsburgh, PA

In this digital age, having a quality website is a crucial part of being a practice owner. When people are looking for a new dentist, they’re usually going to look online. And if they see an unattractive or outdated website, they may pass on your practice.

At Dental Revenue, we use your dental website as the hub of your marketing strategy. That’s why we help clients build dental websites in Pittsburgh, PA from the ground up. Below, we highlight how Dental Revenue uses our skills to make sure you have a beautiful, eye-catching websites in pittsburgh, pennsylvania

Tailored Site Code

After years of crafting sites for the dental industry, we’ve developed a unique technology that is proven for dental website performance. It’s designed to help things run well, encouraging conversions. We combine this with WordPress so that your site can keep up with the changes in technology and your practice.

We also make sure your site is structured in a way that makes it easier for search engine indexing and speed. It should be simple and direct so that potential patients can find the things they need to with ease.

Responsive and Eye-Catching Design

While a dental website has to perform well, it also has to be attractive to potential visitors. You want potential patients to be engaged with your site and be drawn in to schedule an appointment. We use designs that are organized to encourage conversions.

Your site doesn’t just have to be eye-catching on a desktop or laptop computer. Many people are searching with devices like tablets and smartphones instead. We make sure to use a versatile design that looks great no matter what device your patient is using. It needs to be easy to use on all different platforms and browsers.

A responsive website means that it moves quickly. You don’t want potential patients leaving your site because the page they want takes too long to load. We design your website to have cool features and look great, while still being fast and easy to use.

Lastly, we recommend using custom dental photography and videography for your website. This helps you establish an emotional connection with people on the internet. They’re able to get a feel for your office environment and the personality of you and your staff. Since most sites stick to stock photography, it’s a good way to put your site ahead of the pack.

Content Development and Search Engine Optimization

The employees at our office have decades of combined experience specifically in dental marketing. We put that knowledge to use. Your website isn’t copied and pasted from previous content. Employees spend 20 hours writing every page of your website so that it’s unique to your practice.

When we’re writing, SEO is at the front of our minds. Not only should your content be unique, it’s also designed to help your site in SEO rankings. Popular dental keywords are woven throughout the pages so that patients are more likely to find you for key services.

Quality Dental Websites in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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