Dental Websites in Erie, PA

The dental website is one of — if not the most — important parts of your dental marketing strategy. At Dental Revenue, we consider it the hub or engine of your marketing plan. No matter what your marketing techniques are, you need a good dental website for those techniques to lead to patients in your door.

We’re a full-service marketing agency that helps you throughout every step of your marketing journey. And that includes building custom dental websites in Erie, PA. The components we put into your website are crucial to making sure you’re turning leads into actual websites in erie, pennsylvania

Providing Accurate Information

No matter how attractive your dental website is, you have to have accurate information on it. Patients are going to look to your website for things like your hours, location, and the services you offer. If this stuff isn’t accurate, it’s very easy to lose out on a new patient.

We use our unique Dental Codebase technology and combine it with WordPress to make your site. This makes it easy to make changes and keep your website current over time. Whether you have staff changes or are adding an entirely new service, we can easily update your page and make sure everything is accurate.

Helping Patients Connect

You want to make sure your site also makes it easy for potential patients to contact you. A lead can’t become an actual patient if they’re unable to find your phone number or submit a contact form. They can’t come to your office if they don’t know where you’re located.

When we design your site, we make sure we utilize key locations for your phone number and a “schedule appointment” button. They’re in places that research shows people look towards the most while they’re browsing a website. Our designs come from years of research on dental websites, allowing us to optimize for conversions and patient interaction.

Improving Your Credibility

Patients want to know that your practice is credible and reliable. This means utilizing SEO for dentists so that you’re easily visible on search engines. Our content marketing team writes unique content that’s optimized for keywords that are relevant to your industry and area. Quality content is one of the most important aspects of ranking on search engines.

Online reviews are another essential step for credibility. You want to make sure you always have fresh, quality reviews coming in. These both help with SEO rankings and are a big factor when people are choosing a new product or service. Similar to word-of-mouth referrals, reviews are now seen as a recommendation from a friend.

Google reviews are what we focus on. What better way to improve visibility on Google than by using Google more? We offer Google rating postcards for you to pass out to patients when they’re checking out after an appointment. When you’ve changed someone’s life with a smile makeover, they’ll be willing to go out of their way to give you a recommendation online.

Excellent Dental Websites in Erie, Pennsylvania

Your unique dental practice should have a quality dental website to help you stand out from the crowd of typical dental offices. Let us help you create something wonderful. Call us or schedule a demo online!

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