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As technology evolves and becomes increasingly prominent in our lives, dentists need to utilize that technology for their marketing efforts. And a marketing program needs a solid dental website at its core to be the hub of your marketing plan. A dental website promotes your brand and gives patients a place to get the information they need about your practice.

Providing Accurate Information

A patient needs to know certain things about your practice before committing to coming in. A dental website is one of the easiest ways to do that. Websites showcase the services you offer at your practice, location, contact information, dental concerns you treat, and the staff and technology you have.

It’s important always to keep the information on your website accurate. Hours and contact information are two of the most crucial things patients will be looking for. These always need to be correct, along with your location. 

Dental Revenue builds websites with our unique Dental Codebase technology and combines it with WordPress. This combination allows us to help our clients make site edits easily as things change with your practice. Whether you’re opening a new location or you’ve made changes to your staff, we can make the updates to your site right away.

Showcasing Your Uniqueness

With marketing, you want to show how you and your practice differ from the other practices. When we design websites, we focus on your personality and brand. We want to use the right colors, fonts, and pictures to convey the message that you want to send to potential patients.

We highly recommend custom photography and videography for your website. It’s the best way to give patients an idea of your personality and the environment in the office. It also sets you apart from other practices that only use stock imagery for their websites. Users know if it’s the right practice for them just from getting this glimpse into your office.

Highlight the services or techniques that make you stand out as well. If you use a lot of new dental technology in your office, that’s something potential patients would want to know. In your bio, mention the education and training that make you stand out. Are you the only practice in your area that offers certain services? Be sure to highlight that as well.

Content is King

“Content is king” is a phrase often tossed around when people talk about online marketing. Phrases like this become popular because they’re actually true. Especially when it comes to ranking well on search engines, content is extremely important. Site content should be written to please search engines and users.

Our copywriters dedicate hours to writing unique content for your website. We write content around targeted keywords you want to rank for in your area. Search engines also look for high-quality, unique content. There’s no copy and paste with our content. Our writers write every page fresh and ensure that it’s unique to your website.

Quality Dental Websites in Austin, Texas

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