Dental Websites in Allentown, PA

Particularly in this day and age, dental marketing is a crucial part of getting new patients through the door of your dental practice. And your dental marketing efforts can be fruitless if you don’t have a solid dental website backing them up. If your site looks outdated or is hard to use, it can be driving people away from your practice.

At Dental Revenue, we build quality dental websites that serve as the hub of your marketing strategy. We’re a full-service marketing agency that assists you every step of the way, including with your website. With an optimized website, you can rank better in search engines and drive more traffic through your websites in allentown, pennsylvania

Content Is King

Good content can make all the difference with your website. Search engines are looking for quality content that’s unique to your website. Our content team has over 20 years of combined experience writing dental content. We write completely unique content for every one of our clients.

In addition, we make sure all of your content is optimized for search engines. The content is created around dental keywords that are searched regularly in your area and industry. It can also make a difference if you continually have fresh content. That’s why most of our marketing programs also come with a monthly blog post. Like with site content, each one is always written new, never copied.

But the written word isn’t the only type of content on your site. We incorporate images and video to improve the user experience. Custom dental photography and videography are available to be added to your marketing program as well. Having images that are of your actual practice can improve your site greatly over having content that’s solely stock imagery.

Optimized For Performance

Our sites are built with our unique Dental Codebase technology fused with WordPress. They’re optimized for responsiveness, performance, and search engine rankings. WordPress helps to make it easy to make edits as your practice grows and changes.

The site architecture and page organization are designed to make sure your site is quick and responsive. As the web has become something that’s essential to our daily lives, we have less patience. We expect things to load instantly. Having a responsive site makes it less likely that people will get impatient and leave to find another practice.

Unlike in years past, we have more variety when it comes to the devices we use to access the internet. Your dental website will be created to look great and function well no matter what device people are using to access it. It’s usable on computers, tablets, and smartphones as well.

In addition, years of research have helped us design sites that are optimized for conversions. Custom dental photography can help increase conversions further, giving people an emotional connection to your staff and your practice. We place contact methods in places we know people are looking to most often on your site.

Unique Dental Websites in Allentown, Pennsylvania

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