Dental Marketing in San Antonio, TX

Technology is becoming more and more a part of our lives as the days go by. And this is true when it comes to your dental practice. Instead of finding their dentist in the phone book, most people turn to the Internet when they need care. Dental marketing in San Antonio, TX helps you get new patients into your marketing in san antonio, texas

A Hub For Your Marketing Efforts

At Dental Revenue, we consider your dental website to be the hub of your marketing program. All of your marketing efforts are to bring patients back to this site. This is where they can contact you, see your services, and decide if your dental practice is right for their needs. The website should show off the very best of your practice and staff.

Custom dental photography and video add a level of personalization to your site. It helps you stand out from places that use only stock imagery. Potential patients can look at the environment in your office and get a sense of your personality. This helps make an emotional connection that brings patients through the door.

Showing Up On Search Engines

No matter what people need, they usually look for it on a search engine. You want to ensure you’re visible when people search for dental care in your area. We help you target certain keywords for the services you want to highlight. When people search these keywords, we want your practice to be as high on the page as possible.

Content is still king when it comes to search engine rankings. Our copywriters spend hours writing unique content for your website. None of our writing is copied and pasted from other sites. Search engines look for content that’s unique, informative, and high-quality. We ensure that the content meets all of these criteria. 

Paid Advertising For Extra Visibility

Search engine optimization isn’t the only way to get your practice seen on Google. Paid advertising can help you do this as well. Google ads are the ones you see on the top and bottom of the page when you do a Google search. Since they look similar to the rest of the search engine results, users are likely to click on them.

Our search campaigns can just focus on getting general new patients in the door or patients for certain services that you want to attract. The budget and goal of the campaigns are up to you, and we will execute them properly! Monthly calls with your dental marketing advisor will keep you in the loop regarding how the ads are performing and if we recommend changing things up.

A Dedicated Marketing Partnership

When you partner with Dental Revenue, you get more than just generic marketing services. We don’t just set up services and let you forget about them. You have a true partnership with our office. We have regular calls with you to update you on the progress of your marketing efforts and get input from you and how you’re feeling about things.

If you want to change things, we can do so immediately. Our recommendations are targeted to help you succeed. Your success is our success! Call us or schedule a demo online to get started.

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