Dental Marketing in Salisbury, MD

At Dental Revenue, dental marketing is our specialty. That’s why we have over 40 years of combined experience in the dental marketing industry to bring to our clients. No matter what stage your dental practice is in, we can help you take it to the next level. Unlike other marketing agencies, we strive to create a true partnership instead of just giving you a list of services to choose marketing in salisbury, maryland

The Three Stages of Dental Marketing Achievement

The three stages of marketing achievement are creating awareness, connecting with patients, and converting the sale. That’s what we strive to help you do. When we’re helping you build your marketing program, there are multiple things that we’ll consider to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

First, we want to take a look at your location. What’s the competition in the area that you’ll have to go up against? Next, what’s the budget you have to spend on your marketing program? And last, what are you hoping to gain from dental marketing? What are your overall goals for your practice that you’ll be using dental marketing to reach?

Our team will work closely with you to address these areas and determine what realistic marketing goals are for your practice. We want you to know what you can expect with the budget and goals you have, without overpromising. And our involvement won’t stop once we make a sale. You’ll have a dedicated marketing advisor working with you every step of the way.

A True Marketing Partnership

We compare our marketing advisors to financial advisors. We’re here to make sure you’re getting the maximum return on your marketing investment. Regular consultations will be scheduled to discuss your goals and how things are going with your marketing plan so far. We’ll recommend adjustments that we think may be beneficial to achieve your ultimate goals.

With your marketing plan comes your access to the Dental Revenue Dashboard. This allows you to view all of the data of your marketing efforts in real-time. Both summary and detailed reports let you get quick looks or deep dives into website traffic, keyword reports, and your search engine rankings.

You can also track your new patient leads, whether it’s by phone or web forms. This allows you to make sure your employees are converting these leads and turning them into patients through your doors. While you can access these things at any time, we can also help you analyze all of these data when we meet with you. We’re here by email or phone to answer any questions you have along the way.

The phased approach of our Performance Program allows you to build onto your program and maximize your investment over time. We know that the needs of your practice can change at any time, and the Program is flexible to make sure we’re always meeting your specific needs.

Dental Marketing in Salisbury, Maryland

Experience the difference a dental marketing partnership can make compared to a list of services. You’ll never be just another statistic to our compassionate marketing team. Ready to learn more? Call us or schedule a demo online today!

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