Dental Marketing in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, NC dental marketing is a crucial part of maintaining your dental practice. But dental marketing programs aren’t one size fits all solutions. It’s important to make sure you have a marketing program that’s perfect for the specific needs of your practice. At Dental Revenue, we have 40 years of combined dental marketing experience to ensure you’re getting the best results from your marketing program.

The Dental Revenue Performance Program

With our years of dental marketing experience, we’ve built something called the performance program as a proven model for marketing success. The three aspects of the program — core marketing, a web platform, and your conversion coach — correspond with the stages of marketing achievement. We’re creating awareness of you and your brand, helping patients to select your practice, and making sure they commit to an appointment.

Your Dental Website

At the core of our program is a quality dental website. This serves as the hub of your entire marketing strategy. It’s important that it’s attractive and easy to use, as that’s what people are looking for. We can help take your dental website above and beyond the usual, using custom photography and videography instead of stock imagery.

When people see a smile gallery of actual patients’ results from your practice, they know the level of work you can do. Patient testimonials can also help potential patients identify with the results of patients from your practice. Custom video and photography that shows you and your staff interacting with patients can help develop an emotional connection with potential patients. It’s important that they know what you’re like and that your office is a warm, welcoming environment.

Your Dental Marketing Advisor

There are many ways to make sure that you’re getting new patients in the door. We want to help you make sure you’re doing the ones that work for you. Many marketing programs just offer you a list of services or products that you can purchase. We take a different approach. Similar to a financial advisor, you’ll have a marketing advisor to make sure you’re getting the best return on investment for your marketing marketing in raleigh, north carolina

The Dental Revenue Dashboard allows you to see real-time data for your marketing efforts. While you’re able to access this at any time, it’s helpful to know exactly what that data means. You’ll have monthly review calls with your account manager to go over this data. We’re able to explain the data and let you know if we think things should be tweaked to make sure you’re seeing the most benefits.

Different Marketing Techniques

We offer a variety of marketing services that you’re able to try for your business. You can make changes with us at any time if you feel as though something isn’t the right fit for your practice. Paid advertising utilizes Google Ads for your business to show up on the page alongside Google searches. Dental SEO helps to boost your position when people are looking for certain keywords.

In addition, we offer email, print, and social media marketing to target a wide variety of patients. No matter what the ideal patient looks like for you, we can help get them in your door. If you’re ready to join Dental Revenue in perfecting your Raleigh, North Carolina dental marketing strategy, call us or schedule a demo today!

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