Dental Marketing in Plano, TX

In this day and age, dental marketing in Plano, TX is essential if you want to continue to grow your practice. While word of mouth can still get patients into your office, marketing is key to making sure you’re getting the flow of patients that you want, as well as the kind of cases that you want to be taking on.

The Three Cs of Dental Marketing

Our company dedicates itself to helping dental practices achieve the three Cs of dental marketing: create, connect, and convert. 

Creating Awareness

To start a successful marketing journey, you have to create awareness of your practice and brand. The people in your local community need to be aware of your practice so that you can begin attracting patients. Using a strong dental website as the foundation, we start by building your brand and getting the attention of the community.

Your website is where you can showcase your individuality as a practice. Show off the services you offer and emphasize what makes you different. Custom photography and videography are a great way to do this on your site. It helps to connect with viewers when they see actual staff and peers instead of just stock imagery.

Connecting With Patients

At this stage, we emphasize connecting more with patients. We’ll continue to build awareness, improve your search engine rankings, and increase traffic to your site. With Dental Revenue, we don’t believe in services where we just set it and forget it. You don’t just pay for a service and then never hear from us again.

Throughout the entire process, you’ll have a dental marketing advisor. Think of the relationship as similar to that of a financial advisor. We’ll have regular calls with you to discuss strategy and progress. If something isn’t working, let us know. We’ll help you make sense of all of the data that comes with marketing. This lets us know where we may need to spend more and which services are performing best for your practice.


The marketing process is all about converting leads into patients coming into your office. A conversion occurs when a patient schedules an appointment as a result of your marketing efforts. They convert into a patient once they have an appointment scheduled and come in for services.

Marketing programs aren’t a static thing. We continue to monitor and make recommendations if we think tweaks to your efforts will result in a higher patient yield. If you have certain services you want to be seeing more cases of, we can add resources toward focusing on these particular cases.

Factors to Consider

Three key factors go into marketing.


Determine how much of your revenue you want to spend on marketing services. If you’re a fledgling practice that’s just starting out, you may not have extreme amounts to spend. That’s okay. We work with you to maximize the money that you’re putting into your marketing program. We focus your budget on the most promising leads for you.


Location can determine a lot of things when it comes to marketing. If you’re in a more competitive area, it’s going to be harder to get your practice noticed. A successful marketing campaign for your area may cost a lot more than it would for someone in a smaller town. We help make recommendations as to what the ideal budget would be for your location.


Not every practice is looking for the exact same thing out of marketing. Some may be targeting new patients in general while some want specific patients looking for certain services. It’s also different if a practice just wants a bit more visibility or is looking to really overhaul the practice. This factors into our recommendations and the focus on your program.

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