Dental Marketing in Greensboro, NC

Dental marketing is essential if you want to grow your practice and get the patients that you want. While many practices get clients in the door because of referrals and word of mouth, what they don’t know is that dental marketing can assist even with this type of client. At Dental Revenue, the specific marketing needs of the dental industry are our specialty. greensboro, north carolina dental marketing

Targeting the Right Patients

Marketing is all about attracting the patients you want to come into your office. There are multiple kinds of patients you can target. First, you can target active potential patients that are actively looking for a dentist. Next, you can target patients that are in a certain demographic that you’re trying to cater to. Lastly, you can market to current patients that are already active in your practice.

Active Potential Patients

This is probably the easiest group of people to target. These patients are actively looking for a new dentist. To get them in the door, you can use a paid advertising campaign that targets new patients and general dentistry terms. For dental SEO, we can also focus our targeting on more general terms to make sure you’re getting the volume of patients you want in your office.

Specific Demographic Patients

These are more specific patients that you want to get through your door. Maybe you’re looking to get patients in for cosmetic dentistry services or big dental implant cases. We can help you create a specific paid advertising campaign that targets patients that are looking for these services.

Particularly if you’re looking to cater to a younger crowd that’s looking for quality cosmetic dentistry, social media advertising is a good tool to utilize. Ads on social media can draw people in and give you more visibility to a different clientele. Social media posting also gives you an organic way for people to find you and for you to communicate with the public.

Current Patients

Many clients come to us and say that they get many new patients through word of mouth or referrals. But that doesn’t mean that marketing can’t help your practice. It’s important to make sure your current patients are still engaged with you as well. If you’re keeping your current patients happy and they’re excited about the care you give, they’re more likely to recommend you to someone else.

Social media is a good way to communicate with current patients. But email marketing is another good tool as well. Making sure you’re keeping them engaged with regular newsletters and giving them updates, like when you get new technology in the office, helps keep them more engaged with your practice.

Your Greensboro, North Carolina Dental Marketing Partner

dental marketing in greensboro, north carolinaAt Dental Revenue, we take a unique approach to dental marketing. We want to make sure we’re giving you more than just a list of services you have to pay for. Our Performance Program is a full partnership between your practice and us. We make sure you know that you’re getting good returns for the investment you’re making.

While you’re able to see your marketing data whenever you want with our Dashboard, you also get a marketing advisor to help you decipher these numbers. Monthly review calls allow us to make tweaks and adjustments to ensure you’re getting the best benefits for your specific practice. Ready to make the change in your marketing program? Call us or schedule a demo online today!

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