Dental Marketing in Charleston, SC

When it comes to dental marketing, you want to go with a firm that knows the ins and outs of the dental industry. At Dental Revenue, we bring a combined 40 years of dental marketing experience to the table. We work hand in hand with your practice to make sure we’re implementing the right strategies for your specific market.charleston, south carolina dental marketing

The Stages of Marketing Achievement

Our Performance Program is tailored to help you achieve each of the stages of marketing achievement: awareness, selection, and commitment.

Core Marketing

To hit the awareness step, we offer a variety of dental marketing options. We make sure the tools we use are the ones that are going to work best for your specific practice. We look at how people are currently finding your patients, as well as the market you’re in and the competitors that you’ll be facing.

Dental Revenue also helps you to narrow down your specific marketing goal. Are you looking for a large number of new patients or are you more looking for fewer quality patients that are coming in for certain services? Whether you’re looking for big cases to come through your door or just want to find a bunch of new patients, we can help you.

Using paid advertising and dental SEO, we can help target the specific patients you’re looking for. Keywords can be tailored to target active patients that are looking for a dentist right now, or a certain demographic of patients you’re looking to acquire. Email marketing is also helpful to engage your current patient base. Many practices say most of their new patients are referrals, so it’s important to keep up with your current patients.

Web Platform

For the selection stage, we curate your web platform. Your dental website is the hub for your entire marketing strategy and shows people what makes you different from the rest. Your practice should have recognizable branding that’s attractive to patients, as well as an attractive website that’s easy for potential patients to use.

Using things like custom photography and video on your site can help establish an emotional connection with the viewer. They want to see what the experience at your office would be like, and video testimonials or pictures of a dental procedure can help them feel what that’s like. They’re looking for someone that they can trust to give them professional, compassionate dental care.

Conversion Coach

Unlike other dental marketing agencies, we don’t just give you a list of services. You get a conversion coach that works with you every step of the way. Regular phone calls are had to go over your metrics and teach you about our tools, using the Dental Revenue Dashboard. We liken our approach to that of a financial advisor that helps to make sure your money is being spent on marketing solutions that lead to returns.

Your Charleston, South Carolina Dental Marketing Partner

At Dental Revenue, we don’t bill you for a bunch of services and then disappear. We’re involved with you every step of the way on your marketing journey. When you choose us as your dental marketing company, you get a true partnership. To get started with us, give us a call or schedule a demo online!

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