Dental Implant Marketing Specialists

When you’re a thriving dental practice, you want the power to bring in the cases you want to take care of. In many cases, this is now dental implants. To bring more dental implant cases through your door, you need dental implant marketing specialists to target these specific patients and bring them to your implant marketing specialists

A Source of Information

A dental website serves as the hub of your dedicated marketing plan. And that website has to have quality informative content about dental implants. Our copywriters spend hours writing pages of personalized content for your site. If you have certain things you want to include or highlight, we will work with you as the site develops.

We suggest dedicating a full section of your website to dental implant content. Building out multiple pages of dental implant content shows that you’re an expert in the field. Patients can find out everything they want to know about implants, from the process and costs to comparisons of dental implants and other tooth restoration options.

Make sure you have a page talking about the technology at your practice as well. The latest tech, like 3D imaging and treatment planning software, helps reassure patients. They know you’re staying up to date with education and the changing waters of the dentistry field. It’s also a good selling point when you can show them the exact treatment plan before the procedure.

Show Off Your Work

Your website should also have a visual component. You want to show actual before and after cases of implant procedures you’ve done. There’s no better way to show how natural dental implants look and why they’re the best solution to replace a missing tooth. Talk to patients and get permission to photograph. The more cases you can show, the better.

In fact, we recommend custom photography and videography throughout your entire site. Have some of those dental implant cases do video testimonials talking about their experience. It’s incredibly reassuring for potential patients to hear a success story directly from one of their peers. Feature some of the implant patients in photos on the homepage, too.

In your dentist biography, highlight the specialized training and education you’ve had for dental implants. Another thing that reassures patients is a dentist that has good credentials. It’s even better if you continue to further your experience and training. Seeing that you continue learning throughout the course of your career lets patients know you aren’t coasting through your career.

Partner With A Quality Marketing Agency

At Dental Revenue, we believe in creating a true marketing partnership with each one of our clients. Your dental practice is unique, so why shouldn’t your marketing plan be? We start with a modern dental website to serve as the hub of your plan. We talk to you about your goals and budget, review your target market areas, and help you establish the marketing services that will work for you specifically.

A dedicated dental marketing advisor is there for whatever you need along the way. Monthly marketing calls keep you informed about your services, and we help advise you on what’s needed to stay on track to meet your goals. Your success is our success! Call us or schedule a demo online to get started.

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