Secrets of a High Converting Dental Practice

The Internet has undeniably changed the face of healthcare and the way dentists market to their patients. As more and more people use the Internet to research dental conditions and locate a dentist in their area, a dental practice must be acutely aware of the unique challenges brought on by today’s digital world, and develop effective strategies to convert web visitors into new patients. If your website does nothing else, it should communicate who you are, what you do, and most importantly, what sets you apart from other dentists. That message needs to be carried through to your office so that when a lead comes in, your staff is empowered to overcome common objections and book an appointment.

Dental Revenue works with practices, groups, and DSOs from across the country. We’ve found that the dental practices with the highest conversion rates, that is turning leads into new patients, share similar traits. One of those is to treat all incoming phone calls with purpose and provide simple answers to common objections.

The Characteristics of a High Converting Dental Practice

  1. Treat each incoming call with a purpose
  2. Make a great first impression; be happy the patient called and make them feel welcome
  3. Articulate in a compelling way what separates their practice from others
  4. Have a predictable, simple new patient process
  5. Avoid the trap of collecting too much information or telling the patient too much before they come in
  6. Have easy answers to common objections like dental insurance or price
  7. Focus on setting an appointment rather than getting into specific answers about price
  8. When price information is provided, offer a value statement to help the patient make the association between price and value.

Ultimately, you want to maximize the benefits of your marketing. This is why conversions are so important. Our team of experts provides hands-on conversion coaching via software integration, performance data, and industry best-practice strategy. By analyzing your program and its performance, in tandem with your practice conversion patterns, our team can provide support and insights that help you bring in patients at a much higher rate with less stress on you, the dentist.

How Can You Convert More Leads Into Patients?

You can start by giving your front desk staff the tools to properly handle incoming calls. This means creating value statements and simple answers for common objections.

  • Best practices for handling incoming phone calls
  • How to respond to leads from website forms and email
  • Scripts and strategies to overcome common objections including: Do you accept my insurance? and Your fees are too high!
  • Tips for developing a simple and effective new patient process


This information is presented by industry experts in dental practice management and dental digital marketing. Dental Revenue is a niche marketing company with over 15 years of industry success. We specialize in helping dental professionals grow their businesses, attract new patients, and improve ROI.


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