The Performance Program: A Strategic Marketing Approach Built for ROI

Dental marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Each practice or practice group has unique needs and caters to specific types of patients. Whether you focus on cosmetic dentistry, implants, orthodontics, pediatric care, oral surgery, or bread-and-butter dentistry, your marketing strategy should be just as specialized. This is where Dental Revenue’s Performance Program excels, offering a structured yet flexible approach to attract the patient demographic you aim to serve. Built on a three-stage blueprint called the Stages of Marketing Achievement, the program—creates an audience, separates a practice from competitors, and monitors and tracks conversion to maximize patient gen, production revenue, and ROI—this program tailors its methods to meet a practice’s specific objectives.

Stage 1: Create a Targeted Audience

Unlike broad-spectrum marketing approaches that aim to attract a general audience, the Performance Program starts by identifying the types of patients a dental practice wants to see. Once this is established, it utilizes a carefully curated mix of channels, including Google ads, SEO, email, social media, placement ads, and even traditional print advertising, to reach this targeted group. Audience-building strategies are built around the practice’s needs and budget and prioritize the services that would be most effective for each practice or practice group.

Stage 2: Differentiate Your Practice

Creating an audience is just the beginning. The next stage involves setting the practice apart from the competition. Here, the program focuses on crafting a compelling brand presence that doesn’t merely list your services but tells a persuasive story through customized content, brand videos, smile galleries, social media, and patient testimonials. By adopting this persuasive approach, the website and other promotional materials aim to resonate specifically with the targeted demographic, compelling them to choose your practice over others. This translates into more calls and leads.

Stage 3: Convert and Meet Goals

The ultimate objective is conversion: turning prospective patients into actual ones. A targeted marketing approach sets the stage for more effective conversions because the patients who find you are already inclined to need the services you offer. The Performance Program offers actionable insights through performance metrics that can help further refine your in-office conversion strategies, ensuring you meet and exceed your patient and revenue goals.

Tailoring for Success

The strength of the Performance Program lies in its adaptability. If your practice specializes in cosmetic dentistry, email marketing could feature before-and-after smile transformations to capture the attention of people interested in aesthetic treatments. Similarly, the program’s digital components, like SEO and content marketing, are adjusted to appeal directly to the patient groups you aim to serve.


Dental Revenue’s Performance Program transcends the generic, broad-based strategies many dental practices still rely on. Instead, it offers a highly customizable blueprint for success, grounded in a deep understanding of your practice’s unique needs and the specific patient demographic you want to attract. With its multistage, multichannel approach, the program doesn’t just aim for visibility; it aims for the right kind of visibility, leading to better connection and conversion rates which leads to a more profitable practice.

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