Dental Marketing: Be Less Reliant On Insurance Patients

There are many patients with dental insurance that are looking for care. But insurance puts restrictions on treatment options and dictates what the patient is able to receive. Another treatment option may be better for the patient, but you’re unable to push it because their insurance does not cover it. 

Insurance companies are famous for disputing procedures and deciding that they’re unneeded, so they won’t cover them. And there are always the lower fees to consider. With insurance patients, insurance is usually paying the practice a fee that’s a lot less than what the treatment is actually worth. 

It’s understandable that you and your practice want to rely less on insurance patients. But so many patients are looking for a dentist solely based on their insurance coverage. Dental marketing offers a solution to getting more of those patients that aren’t focused on insurance and just want the best care marketing

Target Specific Audiences

With dental marketing, you’re able to target the exact type of patients you want coming to your office. This is especially true with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads for dentists. These ads are displayed on search engines when people are searching certain keywords. You can change settings on your campaigns to target certain audiences of people, too.

One of the best ways to target your campaigns is to start a campaign for a specific service that you offer. If you want more cosmetic dentistry patients, a whole campaign can be focused on that. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t something that’s usually covered by dental insurance, so you’re able to ensure your patients aren’t relying on it for payment. Once they like your service, you can turn them into repeat patients for other care.

Show Off Your Financing Options

Make sure that patients know their options when they come to your practice. It helps put them at ease when they aren’t using dental insurance. Third-party financing options like CareCredit are great ways to get people in the door. Feature this prominently in advertising or even just on the home page of your site, so it’s extremely visible.

You can even take things a step further. Many fee-for-service dental practices have been creating their own membership plans to help out patients. This gets you patients that you know are committed to making you their one-stop shop for all of their dental problems. Offering discounts for services or things like regular cleanings for free shows that you want the best care to be affordable for your patients.

Market to Current Patients, Too

Too often, dentists make the mistake of not marketing to the patients that have already come to their office. You can miss out on opportunities when you’re not doing this. Make it a point to ask for patients’ emails when they come in for treatment. Your email list can be appealing if you’re sending out coupons and special offers that only those on the list get.

Email blasts every so often keep people in the loop of your practice news. Let them know you’ve renovated the office or have a new hire, giving your emails a personal touch. Special deals and packages are great to give repeat customers, too.

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