Dental Marketing Agency or Consultant? The Best Choice for You

When you’re ready to start marketing your dental practice, there are many choices that you’re going to have to make. One of the biggest is deciding the best marketing road to go down for your office. Should you go with a marketing agency or a marketing consultant for your needs? Or should you partner with both?dental marketing agency

A Marketing Agency

With a marketing agency, you get the entire package. Agencies aren’t limited to certain specialties, you’re getting expertise in many different categories. They’re equipped to handle clients at all stages of their marketing journey. Whether you’re a startup that’s just getting into marketing or an established practice looking to attract new patients, an agency can help you.

Marketing agencies are also likely to have solid reports and analytics that they provide their clients. Data plays a big part in the success of marketing. You’re able to see the numbers that you’re getting from your marketing efforts. These let you know what’s working and what’s not. The marketing staff can recommend you keep your money on certain services that actually provide a payoff for your practice.

Because of all of this, marketing agencies are usually more expensive, though they are cost-effective. You have to pay a bit more to get all of the benefits that come with a marketing agency with various different services. 

A Marketing Consultant

With a marketing consultant, you’re usually looking at someone that’s specialized in a specific area. If you don’t think you need generalized experience, it’s good to go with someone that’s focused on the area you want to target. Maybe you specifically want to go down the route of social media or think that paid advertising is the right avenue for you.

Consultants are nice because they’re flexible, and it’s easy to accommodate various needs. They work at winning clients over, so they’re up to date and know the latest trends when it comes to the marketing sphere. Since you’re working with one person, they’re going to be great with brand awareness and know the ins and outs of what you stand for.

A consultant, though, is just one point of contact. So they’re also one point of failure. If an issue comes up, you may lose your consultant. It can also be hard to vet a consultant when you’re researching. You’re likely to find fewer reviews, and it can be difficult to determine if they’re the right choice for you.

The Best Of Both Worlds

At Dental Revenue, we’re a full-service dental marketing agency. But we don’t handle clients in a way where we set services and are hands-off. Each client gets a dedicated marketing advisor that works with you every step of the way. They discuss the data and what services are working best. We truly don’t believe that we’ve succeeded unless our clients do. 

Our agency brings together experts in different areas to ensure that we can offer the best services to clients. Whether you’re looking for someone well-versed in SEO or a social media whiz, we can supply them for you. Our clients get the personal feel of a one-on-one consultant relationship with all of the benefits of a full-service agency. Call us or schedule a demo online to learn more!

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