Why Content Is King For Dental SEO

Not so long ago, content and SEO were considered two separate tasks. Content was generic and you would stuff your site with a bunch of keywords to get ranked on Google. But Google’s algorithms have changed a lot over time. Quality content and natural keyword usage are the keys to SEO now.

At Dental Revenue, we take care of every aspect of your dental SEO needs. We’re with you through each stage of your marketing strategy. This includes having our experienced copywriters write unique, quality content for your dental website that’s optimized well for search engines.seo for dentists

Determining Quality Content

Quality content is essential for good Google rankings. But what does that mean? For starters, it needs to be valuable content that keeps users’ attention. If it’s too stuffed with keywords, Google will give it a low quality score. It has to contain more substance.

Content that’s personally written and unique to your site is ideal. You don’t want your content to be filled with jargon and wording that’s the same as every other dental website. Relevant backlinks help as well. To keep users engaged, you want to make sure the site and content are optimized to keep people reading.

For starters, the writing should be broken up well with things like subheadings and bulleted lists. A large block of text is intimidating to readers. They want information, but it should be readily available and easy to scan for, not wrapped up in the middle of a wall of text.

Engagement and content quality aren’t the only factors. Your site has to be well-optimized for mobile screens as well as bigger ones. If a mobile website is frustrating to use, no one is going to stay on the page for long.

Pictures and videos count as content, too. Quality stock photos are nice, but they’re something everyone else has. Custom photography and videography can really set your site apart. You can connect better with potential patients and really give people a feel of your personality.

Content And SEO

While you don’t want to stuff your content with keywords, it is important to do keyword research. Keyword research allows you to find the exact terms that people are searching for in your area. Your content can be created around these to give you a choice ranking when people search those terms.

Blog posts are a great way to continue to improve your search engine rankings. Google also likes to see new quality content being added. Blogs can accomplish this easily and can also utilize keyword research. If your ranking is lacking in specific searches, writing blogs around those terms can improve it.

Incorporate things like infographics and other media, too. A variation of mediums is engaging to both readers and search engines. They’re a great way to avoid big walls of text and to draw eyes to your content.

Crafting Your Dental SEO Strategy

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