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The success of your dental marketing program with Dental Revenue is intertwined with the ability to “be found” on the web. To achieve this, our team works diligently to monitor all aspects of how our clients’ websites are performing which includes rankings in search engines like Google and Bing. When Google announces its periodic core updates, we pay attention and work for you to protect your marketing goals and make adjustments to your website and program if needed.

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Google Core Update June 2021- or is it July?

Google just announced that the expected June core update will be released in two parts, the second coming in July. Although core updates are common and typically occur a couple of times each year, a two-part update is unique. Google is maintaining that many websites may see little or no changes in rankings until after the July portion is rolled out, keeping in mind that it takes a couple of weeks for these to be completely implemented across the search engine.

This recent update will likely be related in some way to the new Core Web Vitals and Page Experience Updates that are now a part of the overall algorithm determining the rank of your dental website. This new “theme” for 2021 is focused on the quality of the page experience for the user and there are several key elements that can now impact your site’s ranking including page speed. Our team is already taking these factors into consideration and making adjustments to our code and site development that are designed to address these successfully.

Our SEO team is monitoring the performance of your website and following any guidance released by Google related to these larger core updates. It is important to keep in mind that Google is constantly making minor adjustments to its algorithm in response to the millions of queries it handles daily across the globe. As stated, their goal is to continue to improve the search experience for the user.

Moving Forward: successful marketing in SERPs

Dental marketing, like all marketing, relies on a successful SEO strategy in order to achieve your goals and grow your practice. Dental Revenue is your dental SEO and marketing partner and it is our job to help you maximize your investment in online marketing. Any search changes that are the result of a core update in the biggest search engine will be carefully considered and acted upon by our team.

There are changes that can range from technical to content ranking factors. Our software supports our efforts to identify changes in ranking for specific keywords and locations so that our teams can make the necessary adjustments to your performance website and overall marketing program. SEO is an organic process and the foundation of your online marketing with Dental Revenue. If you have questions about the recent Google core updates or your specific website and program, your account managers are ready to answer them and help you achieve your goals.

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