The Impact of Updating Your Dental Website

In today’s digital world, your dental website is your online representation of your dental practice. From information about your team and the services you offer to personalized imagery and patient testimonials, a great dental website allows the user to make an emotional connection before they call or visit. This is the key to a high rate of what we call “conversions”, and a successful online marketing campaign.

Dental Revenue has been helping dentists in all stages of their careers to develop an online presence that is tailored to their unique dental practice. Our Performance Program is more than just a website, it is a marketing tool designed to keep up with the changing environment of online marketing and your dental practice. Our team of experts in dental marketing work with our clients to keep their website relevant, adding new content, images, and other media on a monthly basis to support and improve rankings and SEO.

Organic Web Traffic: Building A Base for Users

seo for dentistsThe most effective dental website is one that has growing organic traffic, the most important type of web traffic. Good results for organic traffic means that your website is drawing visitors because it is able to directly answer their query. Different from paid traffic that is driven by PPC, organic traffic is a sign that your website is addressing what potential patients are looking for when searching. One of the keys to building and maintaining stable organic traffic is to continually update your site with relevant content, imagery and other media.

Your account management team at Dental Revenue is your ongoing marketing partner. We work with all members of our staff to help our clients establish and maintain healthy rankings for desired dental keywords. We use a range of tools to evaluate the performance of your site and to stay on top of marketing trends in dentistry. Our goal is to help you build your online presence and a successful web marketing program serves as the foundation of your overall efforts.

Over time, we identify areas of weakness and can recommend and implement site updates that are targeted for your online campaign needs. From code changes to new pages of fresh content or blogs, we can work with you to achieve your marketing goals.

How Often Should A Website Be Redesigned?

The code of your website serves many purposes, from presenting your content and imagery to the user to facilitating the function of your site within SERPs. Over time, these needs will change as new technologies are developed and Google changes its algorithms. At Dental Revenue we are continually adapting and changing our performance driven code to provide the best results for our clients. On average, it is widely recommended by marketing agencies that a website be redesigned every two years.

A redesign means that your current website is upgraded to the latest code, meeting current Google recommendations for top rankings. A redesign also leverages your media and imagery using our latest layouts and designs for a modern, relevant user experience. The digital world changes almost daily and Dental Revenue is committed to helping our dentists and clients maintain the integrity of their online marketing program and website. Our technology team makes ongoing technical updates to the code of your performance website and when appropriate we will recommend a redesign of your website.

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Your dental practice is evolving and changing over time as factors such as patient demographics and dental treatments evolve and change. Your dental website should reflect those changes. Let our team help your team grow and achieve their goals through a thriving dental practice. Contact us to schedule a demo and learn more about our unique marketing programs designed specifically for independent dentists.

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