Staff Interview: Nancy Ritmiller, Production Manager

Nancy Ritmiller is the Production Manager for Ads Next/ Dental Revenue. After graduating from the University of Mary Washington, studying international affairs and economics, Nancy went on to work in the finance industry. With a background in finance, and a good marketing skill set, Nancy began her career with Legg Mason in capital and asset management. After a few years in the business, Nancy started a family and made the conscious decision to become a stay at home mom to her 4 young children, spending time volunteering and organizing their schedules. Nancy enjoys the fast paced environment of the web industry, including the opportunity to learn new things. In 2009, Nancy began her journey into the marketing world as a part time employee of Ads Next/ Dental Revenue, and has not looked back. As the production manager, she oversees copy writing for new dental websites and manages a team of writers for our dental client blogs.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Elliott City, Maryland. My dad has a PHD in pharmacology and worked for the FDA doing drug research, and my mom was a nurse. When I was in my first year of College, My parents moved to Pennsylvania for my dad’s job with the family. I was the oldest of 5 kids, and was leaving for College, so I didn’t make that move with them. My parents moved back 15 years ago to Annapolis when my dad was getting ready to retire. My oldest was just starting high school.

What did you do before you started with Dental Revenue full time?

I was a full time mom, raising my kids for almost 20 years, and did this a little on the side.

What is your family like?
I have a big family. My husband, Ray and I have 4 amazing children; Connor, Matthew, and a set of twins; My oldest, Connor, is a practicing engineer, Molly is studying industrial design in grad school, Peter is in the coast guard and finishing up a degree in criminology, and my youngest Matthew is following his brother’s footsteps in the path of engineering. He is still in high school. My husband and I enjoy spending as much time as we can with our family, especially now that everyone is so spread out across the country.
What is your ideal night out?

My friends are very important to me. My ideal night out would be going out with my girlfriends and enjoying great conversation. I am lucky to have several very close friends where we can totally talk about everything!

What are your hobbies?

My biggest hobbies are running and traveling. Running keeps me sane. I try and run every day if I can. Now that my children are older, I am afforded the opportunity to travel a lot more. I especially love traveling around Europe and out West, where I can be outside. I also really love to read.

What is something interesting about your childhood?

I lived in London when I was a freshman in high school. Going to school there was a really fun experience. I actually ended up living there again for a study abroad program in college.

What did you expect when getting back into the working world full time?

When i started, i had no expectations. Honestly, I would say that to this day, i have no expectations, but thats why i enjoy it. I have no personal agenda. I love learning and trying new things.

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