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As a leading provider of online marketing for fee for service dentists, Dental Revenue takes a comprehensive approach to helping our clients achieve a strong online presence as well as local awareness of their dental practice. We work with dentists to establish and grow and practice brand and marketing strategy that will target the patients they desire. One of the key elements to a successful digital presence and great dental websites can be complementary print marketing tools that will enhance your overall visibility in your geographic area.
Dental Revenue can help you to expand your local exposure through the effective use of postcards and brochures. This can drive traffic to your dental website by raising awareness of your services in your local area and adjacent communities. Using these tools to augment an online marketing program provides an opportunity to welcome new residents, advertise to local businesses and target those neighborhoods and zip codes where demographics support your desired patient base.

Postcards From the Dentist Chair: Take Your Marketing to the Mailbox

dental practice postcardsAlthough today’s world is fully engaged in digital media and the Yellow Pages is no longer the main source for finding what you need in your community, we all still visit our mailboxes regularly and can be alerted to local services with something on paper that catches the eye. Our team works with clients to carry their online message successfully into a postcard campaign. A mailer such as this can be used to highlight a special, new service or to simply provide another marketing tool for your dental practice. A carefully designed postcard mimicking the look of your website can take a potential patient from postcard to website to the dentist chair.
Postcards can also be useful handout tools to increase online reviews, providing a handy reminder with quick instructions on how to place that valuable patient review where you want it!

Brochures: Specialized Print Marketing

An office brochure can be used for several purposes, from welcome packet for new patients to informative material on specific treatments and services. Whether to be mailed strategically or used in office, our team can create a brochure that represents your dental practice, showcases what sets you apart from the local competition and provides in depth informative details about treatments, your credentials, etc.
Providing a tangible representation of your online dental marketing and website, brochures and postcards can help to reach those who you desire to market to with your chosen message. Our experienced team can work with you to evaluate your marketing goals and determine which type of print based tools will best suit your needs.

Ready, Set, Mail

To learn more about print, postcards and brochures contact a team member at Dental Revenue. We offer design and print services to make the entire process easy for you. Email your account manager or call us at 866-799-7789.

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