Expand Your Dental Marketing with Video Content

A great dental website serves two purposes: enabling a potential patient to find you online as a provider for a service they are seeking and creating an emotional connection with the user. Dental Revenue has years of experience helping dental professionals establish a successful online marketing program that is designed to achieve these goals and help them build a thriving fee-for-service practice.

Achieving An Emotional Connection: The Power of Video

The user experience on the web is enhanced through the use of imagery and relevant photography and video. From high end stock images to professional photos of the dentist, staff and office, your dental website can reflect your practice and help visitors to begin making an emotional connection before they walk through the front door. Videos can take this one step further, enabling you to create informative, interactive content that engages the online visitor in a more meaningful and impactful way.

*video courtesy of Dental Revenue client Dr. Ed Lazer
An informative video can improve visitor conversions your website by providing the answers to questions they are searching for related to dental care and oral health. A video can also make a lasting and effective emotional connection by addressing issues that your patients are concerned about, hopefully compelling them to schedule a visit to your office. Tapping in to the common emotions of a dental patient, such as fear or anxiety, can allow your video to be the starting point for a new patient relationship. Today’s online consumer is able to feel connected through video content and a good video can convert that dental website visitor to a new patient.

Patient Testimonial Videos: Personalized Dental Marketing

Patient reviews are an important piece of the total marketing package and serve an important role in your online presence. What better endorsement for your dental practice than a video of a happy patient discussing how their dental treatment improved their smile. A video patient testimonial is a powerful marketing tool. It provides a higher level of authentication to what your marketing program is trying to achieve. It’s one thing to tell a potential patient that you can meet their needs, but a real patient telling their story can be the tipping point for someone seeking dental services on the web.

*video courtesy of Dental Revenue client Dr. Ed Lazer
Dental Revenue has the experience and resources to help you create a multi-faceted online marketing program that includes the use of video content. Let our team help you maximize your dental website’s impact through video testimonials and informative video content.

Lights! Camera! Action!

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