Building A Great Dental Website: The Value of Imagery

There are several key aspects to building a great dental website- one that not only has the technical foundation to drive traffic and boost your search rankings, but also visually represents your practice on the web. When a potential patient visits your website for the first time, it is a similar experience to meeting someone in person for the first time- your appearance makes an impression.

As a dentist, you may recommend a cosmetic dental treatment to improve the aesthetics of a patient’s smile, enabling them to visually represent themselves in the best light for both social and professional interactions. As an internet marketing provider, we recommend making the effort to put “your best face forward” on your dental website through the effective use of photography and video. This helps a potential patient to make an emotional connection when visiting your practice on the internet, through your website.

Establishing a brand and differentiation is a vital piece of connecting with patients that will value quality and service over the best insurance based price. Video and high resolution images can be an extremely effective way to communicate the key selling points of a dental practice“. Bill Mulcahy, VP, Dental Revenue

The Power Of An Image

dental website photography servicesAs consumers, we are drawn to images and have an almost immediate emotional reaction to them, creating our initial impression and often influencing how we will behave as a potential customer. We work with our clients to help them present an image of their business through photography, or video footage, that best conveys their unique dental practice. Chosen images can range from local iconic scenery, office photos, or a welcome video. The goal is to draw the potential patient into the site, helping them to feel comfortable with your practice before they come through the front door.

Dental Revenue works with some of the leading fee for service dentists, and as a team we have an in depth understanding of your goals. We have the online marketing tools you need to create a great dental website. We will work with you to incorporate the elements that play an important role in facilitating the key components of our performance program:

  • Promote
  • Connect
  • Convert

Today’s websites have the ability to integrate seamlessly with photos and video to improve user experience and interaction. An improved online experience attracts more informed visitors which we have found leads to more calls for comprehensive services”. Bill Mulcahy, VP, Dental Revenue

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Dental Revenue offers photography and video services that can be tailored to your specific needs, whether you desire an in office photo shoot, exterior 360 tour or a personalized video that can describe your dental services and introduce a potential patient to you on your website.
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