Performance Analysis - Is Your Website Generating New Revenue?

It doesn’t matter how good your website or marketing strategy is if you can’t convert your leads into new patients. Our Performance Analysis platform helps you connect the dots and calculate your return on investment.
We created a unique Reporting Dashboard that pulls in key website performance analytics such as search engine rankings, website visitor numbers and leads. Incoming phone calls and web forms are tracked and recorded for analysis. We also offer integrations for patient management systems so you can finally close the loop
and determine how effective your website is.

Marketing has always been a big part of my practice, but Dental Revenue had helped maximize my success. Not only do they understand the dental market...

...they personally work with me to ensure the money I invest is well spent. They show me and my staff how incoming connections are handled by other successful practices and make an effort to keep my entire team engaged in our marketing program.

Dr. Ed Lazer