A New Dental Marketing Approach

Many potential patients on the web have a difficult time differentiating one dentist from another. Unless a practice can distinguish itself and establish value within its website, it is very unlikely that the patient will be able to connect the dots.

If you are a dentist who has invested both time and money in your practice to ensure that patients are provided a more complete and comprehensive dental experience, then it is absolutely vital that your marketing strategy reflects those values.

If you would like to find out how to be a better dental marketer, Dental Revenue can help!

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Dental Revenue Specializes in “Fee For Service” Dentists

It’s hard for the comprehensive dental practice to compete against insurance driven dentists. At Dental Revenue, we understand these challenges and have developed a performance-driven marketing solution that combines a software with service.
What it takes to succeed online
Dental Marketing Phases of Online Success

    • First, you have to be found in online searches
      Our websites are optimized for search engines to help cosmetic dentists get top rankings for key searches. We also offer social media marketing, local map optimization and reputation management to increase the ways patients can find your practice.
    • Next, your website has to make a connection with potential new patients
      Competition online is fierce. As a cosmetic dentist, it is critical that your website quickly establish you as an authority in your field and set you apart from other local dentists. We have modern, responsive dental website designs that will present a positive image of your practice. Our websites include content about the services and treatments you offer with conversion tools to encourage more patients to contact your office for an appointment.
    • Finally, your website has to convert visitors into new patients
      This is part software, part service. Dental Revenue provides you with lead generations tools and tracking software so you can see how many leads your website is bringing in. But more than that, we provide hands-on coaching and support so that you can understand what types of leads you’re getting and how well your staff is converting them into new patients.

Find Out How Ads Next Can Help You

If you’d like to find out how the Dental Revenue Performance Program can help your dental practice, call Ryan Goldfarb at 215.499.8609 or email [email protected] for a Free Online Health Assessment.